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Smartphone Application for Your Dental Office:


Did you know 1 out of 2 Americans has either an iPhone or an Android?

With the rapid growth of the Smartphone industry, millions of people are switching over to these sophisticated phones as their primary means of communication. Almost all professional businesses not only have websites, but also customized Smartphone applications.

Here are several reasons why a dental Smartphone application would be beneficial:

1. Your patients can easily:  
- Access your special offers
- Request appointments
- Get driving directions to your office
- Read and watch other patient’s testimonials
- See photos of you and your office
- Find your contact information wherever they are
 2. You can expect:
- Significant reduction of missed appointments
- Bring more prestige to your dental clinic
- Significant reduction of marketing expenses
- Differentiate your dental office with all others
- Your information to be amiable to your patients
   Anywhere, anytime



 We are proud to offer the top-notch quality Smartphone Dental Applications with the most affordable pricing. We beat our few competitors with our amazingly high-quality services and incredibly low prices.

Why Smartphone applications can help you grow your business?


Americans on average spend 3 hours a day on their smart phones. Having an iPhone /Android app in your current and potential patients’ phone is like them keeping your interactive business cards in their pockets all day long.


Tell people about your team and your practice, and tell them why they should choose you over any other dentist out there.


Help your patients find your phone number, e-mail address, office location and also give them live driving directions from wherever they are right to your office!


You can offer personalized promotions to your patients and bring them back often by sending them special deals based on their individual needs!


You can give your patients the option to earn special discounts by sharing your promotional specials with their friends using the “Tell a Friend” feature on your app.


You can expect an estimate of 3 or more new patients through application referrals per month

-     Don’t let satisfied patients leave your office without helping you get more patients. Using your new iPhone app, you can upload video and/or written testimonials to your app and website.

-     With your own iPhone application, your patients will be just a fingertip away from you whenever they need you, and will be able to help you reach out to new patients more conveniently than ever.

-     All this for only for 3 payments of $599



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